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It’s time to feel good about ageing

Welcome to the first Age Proud Festival in Leeds! The Festival will run between 6th and 17th September at a range of venues across the city as well as lots of virtual events from the comfort of your own living room.


We’re aiming to bring a wide range of activities and events for older people to experience and enjoy. An opportunity to try something new, embark on some self-improvement or just watch something that interests or entertains you.


We aim to showcase the city of Leeds as a great, community focussed city with lots to offer older people.  A place where people can feel involved and valued.


From Art to Zumba or anywhere in between, we hope there will be something for everyone. Keep the dates in your diary and keep checking the calendar of events to see what’s coming.


This website is the place to find out everything about the festival, so make sure to visit regularly as we’ll be updating with new information every day.


By agreeing to host an event you will have the support of the Festival and will be included in the marketing and promotions surrounding the Festival. We really want to show what is available to people 50+ in the city of Leeds, so we are looking for organisations and businesses to open their doors and show off what they have to offer. It will be up to individual organisations to decide what they would like to offer, whether that be what they already do, or a specific event for the festival. An open day or a virtual lesson in something.  The more the merrier. And you can choose how many events you wish to host, from just one, to all day and every day of the Festival!   If you would like to support this event by hosting an event, please complete the form below with as much detail as possible as we will use the information here to publicise your event. If you would like any additional information – please email the Festival Co-ordinater.


The Age Proud Festival is a unique opportunity to showcase activities, interests associations, interest groups and products to a growing sector of the population in Leeds.  It won’t cost anything to take part, and it is up to you to run your own event, either virtually or face to face from your own venue.


Image courtesy of Mike Pinches - photographer and The Performance Ensemble



Welcome to Age Proud Leeds Festival Events  where you will find details of where and how to join all the activities, discussions, learning opportunities and events across the city of Leeds.

Our launch events are being held at Leeds Playhouse on 6th September from 10.30 - 3.00 and include performances, arts & crafts taster sessions and much more - come along and join in!

We  are also holding three days of events at Leeds City Museum, so whether you want to try some Irish singing, strut your stuff on the catwalk or learn about what is happening in Leeds 2023 - please come along and join us - there is something for everyone.

And during the ten days of the festival, there will be events taking place all over Leeds - check out the pages for each day.

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It’s time to feel good about ageing

Connect - supporting people to make and sustain connections with others


Be active - body and mind are linked - activities that get people moving, even if just a little!


Keep learning - new skills or rediscovering old ones - be curious!


Take notice - appreciating where we are, the moment and the environment


Giving - helping others, volunteering, simple acts of kindness

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Leeds City Council has developed a Best Council Plan 2020-2025 which includes an ambition for Leeds to become the Best City to Grow Old In where older people feel valued, feel respected and appreciated, and are seen as the assets that they are. Time to Shine at Leeds Older People's Forum shares that ambition and wants this city-wide festival to help the whole population to recover well from enforced distancing, reconnecting with friends, families and communities in a fun, safe and fulfilling way.



Keeping people safe at Age Proud Festival


We are very excited to be organising Leeds Age Proud Festival, for the opportunities it will bring to feel good about ageing.


But we are very aware that many people may be feeling understandably anxious about going out, using public transport and mixing with others. We know that the situation regarding Covid-19 can change rapidly.


People taking part in any events can expect that:

  • we are organising a mixture of face-to-face and ‘virtual’ events

  • we are encouraging organisers to have a back-up plan, to be able to switch from face-to-face to virtual, if necessary, at short notice.

  • we are asking organisers to hold events at times that allow people to use public transport outside of rush-hour.

  • all face-to-face events will have a suitable limit on numbers attending, according to size of venue.

  • all venues will have hand sanitisers or hand-washing facilities available. 

  • all event organisers will take part in a Covid safety briefing 

  • all event organisers will be asked to provide culturally appropriate messages and materials to prevent certain common actions like handshakes or high-fives that could facilitate the spread of Covid-19.


Unless exempt, all those attending indoor, face to face activities will be encouraged to wear face coverings to protect themselves and others



If you have any enquiries about the festival or you would like to know more about taking part - please just complete the form and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.

Thank you - we will be in touch as soon as we can.